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I put no thought into this at all.


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Which is exactly how I’m supposed to do it, someone told me.
It’s hard not to put too much thought into anything.


6+Billion Earthlings


Videoless Diary

Last year when I was in Kowloon I bought groceries on a day when it was required to bring your own bag. Being an American tourist I of course did not know this and had to pay the additional 2% penalty on top of my groceries. While I feel that most people, at least most people on my ship would have been disappointed or even angry, I applauded their efforts and felt that we should be doing the same thing.

Back home I found that places like Central Market were offering a ten cent discount per bag that their customers brought in. More recently the Trader Joe’s in our area started entering people who brought their own bags in, into a contest for free groceries.

I was originally going to post a video from Good Magazine dealing with the effects of using paper and plastic bags, however it seems that the video has been removed due to some policy violation. The website is worth checking out though, and subscribing to their feed will provide you will lots of good videos and reading if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you’re the type who prefers stores like Wal*Mart you might just check this out.

Oddly enough when I just did a google search for “I love Walmart” the browser asked me if I meant “I hate WalMart”


Because The Internet is Still Good For Quizes With Eerie Results I took the free personality test!

“Seeks affectionate, satisfying and harmonious rela…”

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Gun Shots Interrupt Little League

On Monday there was a shooting at a park near here where my son plays soccer every Wednesday. I didn’t feel the need to jump to conclusions, pulling my son from soccer like any paranoid suburban parent typically would. That is until I began reading more of the story.

There are roughly 115,000 people in the City of Everett, home to a naval station berthing an air craft carrier and five other ships. Any city of this size can expect incidents like this to happen quite frequently. Usually these types of things are not random acts, but rather domestic in nature, or drug related. Had this been the case I would have felt comfortable keeping my son in soccer. Casino Road is a stretch of road, with a high density of low income, housing known for it’s high crime rate. In the parking lot next to a park a gun fight erupted. While no one was killed, two were hospitalized and the stray bullets sent a little league baseball team diving for the ground. The coach’s vehicle was hit by a round. In an earlier article a witness stated that such occurrences have been common in their seventeen year residence. Violent crime’s can happen anywhere, as we saw earlier that morning at Virginia Tech. But I would not feel comfortable letting my children play alone in an area more prone to these types of incidents, and there for I removed him.

As of yet the city parks and recreation is not offering discounts, reimbursements, or entertaining moving the activity to a different park. To any one from the area, this comes as no near Casino Rd. And as one of my coworkers pointed out, as the weather gets nicer, more illegal activity moves out doors and into our neighborhood parks.

So am I being an overprotective suburban parent. Or am I crazy for even having to debate this?

Why I Dread the Monday Work Week

Excited, my boss told me that he had a white trash weekend. “Three words for you” he said, “Spiral. Cut. French Fries…I guess that’s four.”
He had gone to the carnival up near the tribal outlest stores, and was apparently very excited.
Convinced that carnies have “the life” he spent hours researching their life. Hours. Specifically three.
Carnies have their own language, and spend their lives, traveling, getting wasted and getting into fights, and something about that appeals to my boss. I told him to join the carnival then, somehow I don’t think he will.
A bag of potatoes costs $4-5 and you can sell spiral cut fried for $5 a potato. Plus everyone has tattoos.
He went on about the elaborate ways they “get” you at carnival games, which I originally intended to share here, but I am really sick of hearing about carnies. This is what I get for coming into work on Monday. Converstation is deadly when it has a weekend to ferment.

Evolution and Productivity

Monday, April 03, 2006

i’m sure i’ve said this before but..

my kit kat got stuck in the vending machine today. As I hit the machine again i thought.

this is what has become of my hunter gatherer skills