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I should probably make a witty remark about the Scarecrow. But I

Did you know that the brain only weights 2% of body mass but consumes over 20% of the oxygen and nutrients we intake?
Sharp Brains has an interesting article on the 10 habits of highly effective brains.


My Breakfast Consists of Eggs and Hot Sauce

To me it seems that the fastest hour of the day occurs an hour after the kids are in bed. The seven o’clock hour comes with the intentions of the night being young, and still having some quieter time to unwind or catch up on the things you have missed throughout the day. Fifty-nine minutes or so later, glancing at the clock now reading eight I suddenly find myself wondering where the evening went. In an hour I will be turning in to bed, any later and the next days productivity is shot. Now comes the difficult choice of rushing through any forgotten chore or task from the day and finding time to relax before the big hand is once again on the twelve.

According to google, work is only 2.5259 miles away. I have until seven am to be there on time. The latest I have woken up is twenty ‘till and still made it on time. My morning routine consists of a shower, vitamins, clothes, breakfast and tea. Waking up at six allowed me to do all of this and enjoy the morning paper. The only problem was that when my alarm was set to six, I found myself waking up an hour earlier ready to start the day. When I would sleep in until six, I would be groggy. So after a week of trial and error, I began my routine an hour earlier. Waking up at five allows me to do yoga, attend my feeds, and write if I’m feeling up to it, in addition to my regular routine. Now that my alarm is set for five, I find myself waking up ready to start the day at four. I am not going to start waking up at four to find out when this cycle will end, unless I start running in the morning, or perhaps riding my bike to work, which I should probably do more of both if any to begin with.

Over the years I have transformed into a morning person. Perhaps its the six hour rotating schedule of being out to sea. Maybe it’s the domestication of two kids. Either way it’s 10.13, and my widgets tell me that dawn is at 4.46 tomorrow morning, perhaps I’ll wake up fourteen minutes earlier to catch sunrise. But somehow I imagine there will be a snooze button repeatedly smashed long after the birds start chirping.

Mariner’s Trick to an Upset Stomach

This morning I felt a little nauseated and took to an old remedy that mariners the world around know well and rely on. Ginger root.
Any excuse to head to the grocery store to peruse the unique beverages section I’m in. I’m not a big of high fructose corn syrup so I try to opt for drinks without it. This trend seems to be catching on, so maybe with time you’ll be able to be exploited through the wonders of advertising here too.
With food in general I feel the fewer ingredients the better; and while its nice to get food without preservatives as well, it’s not always practical. I’ll also try to avoid foods with added coloring and artificial flavors. I’m not completely crazy and do fall off the wagon from time to time, but when you can find a cache of good mostly natural sodas I get giddy inside.

Today I found Ginger Brew from Real Soda. The main ingredients consisted of carbonated water, Buderim ginger brewed with real cane sugar, citric acid, and two preservatives.

If you’ve never had a real ginger brew or ale, I recommend checking it out. Make sure it has real ginger. Most ginger ales that we have come to know have the same exact ingredients as their fellow mass produced cousins.

What Would You do in a Life or Death Situation?

In my area, to get certified in CPR through either the Red Cross or the American Heart Association could cost between $50-70. A better place to get certified is at your local fire department. Our department offers classes on the first Thursdays of the month for only ten dollars. What better place to get your certification than from those who would use it most.
In the mean time you should check out these videos. They contain free life saving lessons from the University of Washington.
Thanks to DLM for finding these great tools.

Two Cavaties in Twenty Six Years.

So you’re brushing after every meal, you’re using mouth wash, flossing, and rinsing with fluoride, but you will want to obsess about your teeth a bit more. My dentist always recommended chewing sugar free gum after drinking coffee or tea, best yet though he recommended that I rinse and brush every time. I have yet to get the Oral B, but my close friends rave about it. And teeth whiteners still freak me out. But here’s a lesson you can take from my Obsessive Compulsive father-in-law, and let me tell you it works wonders. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda, with about an ounce of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse and gargle as normal and you will feel like you’ve just come back from the dentist. I am not a medical expert at all, but I usually only do this once or twice a week, I’m not sure what doing it more will do but I don’t want to find out.