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It’s sometimes sad for a five year old to see trees removed when they are alive and well.

There is a lost sense of nostalgia from eating a hearty meal that Yoopers would enjoy after rugged yard work; though there shouldn’t be.


Because summer ends sooner this far north.

A three mile walk along the Snohomish, picking blackberries along the way.

An empty table for two.

Photo by Private Skylark

We should eat dinner without the kids more often.

Try to make sense of it.

Reinstating ourselves.

That was nearly nearly a year ago.

I worked there only three months, and yet I am missed. 

Now everyone is moving on. 

It’s about time.

We thought we were so old.

On campus, looking at the mirror of mortality, still uncertain if I envy them.

Better than any time before.

Watching my oldest son who is five, watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time.