Like a Rat Through a Snake

There are quite a few analogies that people use around here.  Admittedly I don’t understand most of them, as I am still yet a visitor here.   Most are quick little one-liners like this one states in the subject line, usually referring to the ways in which our data is processed.  Sometimes, though they become really elaborate, as if there is some unspoken contest going on around here of who can come up with the wittiest and most clever comparison.  If this is the case, I can tell you that no one is winning, I assure you.  These usually reference things like “Keeping it on our Radar.” and “Charging the hill with only three bullets because the sergeant said so.”Sometimes I feel like asking what experience are they basing this comparison, because in my eyes, the analogies are never on target.  But then I’d be that guy.I should start my own temp agency.  I would offer two packages for my clients.  The first being temps who would be hired to pose as new employees where the manager could treat however they wanted in order to boost their self esteem, or image with their current employees.  Need to fire someone just to flex your muscle but can’t really afford to let anyone go?  You’d be able to use my service to get your point across.  I’ve also noticed that people here whine a lot, and sometimes take part in pity parties of who’s job is harder than who’s due to x-level of management, software, or whatever.  So my second package would be to hire several temps who would be brought in to essentially bitch slap these people.  Even if such bitch slapping is limited to making a big scene at an afternoon meeting calling everyone out on their bull shit.  I think this would be my biggest seller, because it could work from management down, and vice versa.  Hire a temp to tell your boss what everyone knows but is too afraid to say.


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