What Guarentees Citizenship?

Thomas Friedman’s Op-Ed piece in yesterdays New York Times got a few people heated up. His observation at a recent PhD graduation noted that it wasn’t until the middle of the alphabet when announcing graduate names that an American was called.
While immigration continues to be a heated topic in our country, Friedman went as far as to say “I think any foreign student who gets a Ph.D. in our country — in any subject — should be offered citizenship.”

I absolutely agree with this. Foreign students who study here earning advanced degrees probably deserve citizenship more than most armchair, stay at home patriots in this country do. Global standing and economic stability should not be a birth right but something that is earned through hard work. Students willing to achieve advance degrees should be rewarded for their efforts. Because people are so afraid of anything dealing with immigration or foreigners they are not surprisingly up in arms about his statement.

The problem worth our efforts is not immigration. The real problem is our public school system that is unable to compete in a world market. There are too many people from my generation who expect everything to be handed to them, that they some how deserve “The American Dream” for the least amount of effort. When they see people from other countries taking it from them they get scared. Their sense of apathy suddenly awakened.


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