My Breakfast Consists of Eggs and Hot Sauce

To me it seems that the fastest hour of the day occurs an hour after the kids are in bed. The seven o’clock hour comes with the intentions of the night being young, and still having some quieter time to unwind or catch up on the things you have missed throughout the day. Fifty-nine minutes or so later, glancing at the clock now reading eight I suddenly find myself wondering where the evening went. In an hour I will be turning in to bed, any later and the next days productivity is shot. Now comes the difficult choice of rushing through any forgotten chore or task from the day and finding time to relax before the big hand is once again on the twelve.

According to google, work is only 2.5259 miles away. I have until seven am to be there on time. The latest I have woken up is twenty ‘till and still made it on time. My morning routine consists of a shower, vitamins, clothes, breakfast and tea. Waking up at six allowed me to do all of this and enjoy the morning paper. The only problem was that when my alarm was set to six, I found myself waking up an hour earlier ready to start the day. When I would sleep in until six, I would be groggy. So after a week of trial and error, I began my routine an hour earlier. Waking up at five allows me to do yoga, attend my feeds, and write if I’m feeling up to it, in addition to my regular routine. Now that my alarm is set for five, I find myself waking up ready to start the day at four. I am not going to start waking up at four to find out when this cycle will end, unless I start running in the morning, or perhaps riding my bike to work, which I should probably do more of both if any to begin with.

Over the years I have transformed into a morning person. Perhaps its the six hour rotating schedule of being out to sea. Maybe it’s the domestication of two kids. Either way it’s 10.13, and my widgets tell me that dawn is at 4.46 tomorrow morning, perhaps I’ll wake up fourteen minutes earlier to catch sunrise. But somehow I imagine there will be a snooze button repeatedly smashed long after the birds start chirping.


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