Wheat Beer

Yesterday I was at the grocery store buying one of my wife’s guilty pleasures for the last time, when I came across a New Belgium.

Mothership Wit is an Organic Wheat Beer Brewed with Spices. I usually find organic alcoholic beverages overrated and over priced, especially concerning wines due to their lack of refined taste to make up the difference. This beer was the same price as the others so I was intrigued to try it. Maybe its the cool label art, or maybe its the good variety, but New Belgium is one of my favorite breweries and I find it difficult to resist any new brew I have not tried. Wheat beer is also my favorite type of beer, so I bought their regular Sunshine Wheat and the new Wit for comparison.
What really stood out with the Wit was the spicy aftertaste. The label told me it was spiced with coriander and orange peel. I need another taste to sift out the coriander, but the orange peel after taste was delightful.

I’ve been debating making a dark ale for my next batch of beer, but since I’m holding off until we move into our new house where I’ll be able to brew in the garage, the season grows later and later. I’ve been leaning more toward brewing a summer wheat beer rather than a winter dark ale. This beer has changed my mind. So in two weeks I will begin my next batch, and while I won’t be adding any extra spices this time I look forward to that first drink in early July.


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