Videoless Diary

Last year when I was in Kowloon I bought groceries on a day when it was required to bring your own bag. Being an American tourist I of course did not know this and had to pay the additional 2% penalty on top of my groceries. While I feel that most people, at least most people on my ship would have been disappointed or even angry, I applauded their efforts and felt that we should be doing the same thing.

Back home I found that places like Central Market were offering a ten cent discount per bag that their customers brought in. More recently the Trader Joe’s in our area started entering people who brought their own bags in, into a contest for free groceries.

I was originally going to post a video from Good Magazine dealing with the effects of using paper and plastic bags, however it seems that the video has been removed due to some policy violation. The website is worth checking out though, and subscribing to their feed will provide you will lots of good videos and reading if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you’re the type who prefers stores like Wal*Mart you might just check this out.

Oddly enough when I just did a google search for “I love Walmart” the browser asked me if I meant “I hate WalMart”



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