Recalling Troops After Their End of Service

Word around the scuttlebutt is always hearsay at best.
Yesterday, a guy in the academy with me who got out of the navy around the same time I did asked me if I had received my letter yet.

The average enlistment for people in the military service is four years. After that you are put into a status known as inactive ready reserve for an additional four, for a total of eight years of service. The IRR are the people who would be called up along with active reservists before a draft.
Currently reservist make up a large portion, if not the larger portion of those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. IRR members are being called up and rumors of a draft still echo throughout the nation.

On Friday this guy received a letter from the department of defense asking him to volunteer for a year of Individual Augmentation to Afghanistan to pull security duty for one year. He also told me about a guy from his unit who was reactivated three months after his end of obligated service date, sent to Iraq for a minimum of one year for IA security duty.

Luckily my IRR will only remain in effect until November this year, and yesterday I received no letter from the DOD. But despite this many feel that the war we have all become familiar with is merely the beginning of more to come. They feel that there are still many areas in the regions on the dart board that we have yet to hit.


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