Mariner’s Trick to an Upset Stomach

This morning I felt a little nauseated and took to an old remedy that mariners the world around know well and rely on. Ginger root.
Any excuse to head to the grocery store to peruse the unique beverages section I’m in. I’m not a big of high fructose corn syrup so I try to opt for drinks without it. This trend seems to be catching on, so maybe with time you’ll be able to be exploited through the wonders of advertising here too.
With food in general I feel the fewer ingredients the better; and while its nice to get food without preservatives as well, it’s not always practical. I’ll also try to avoid foods with added coloring and artificial flavors. I’m not completely crazy and do fall off the wagon from time to time, but when you can find a cache of good mostly natural sodas I get giddy inside.

Today I found Ginger Brew from Real Soda. The main ingredients consisted of carbonated water, Buderim ginger brewed with real cane sugar, citric acid, and two preservatives.

If you’ve never had a real ginger brew or ale, I recommend checking it out. Make sure it has real ginger. Most ginger ales that we have come to know have the same exact ingredients as their fellow mass produced cousins.


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