The Easy Way to Install Child Safety Seats Without Going Crazy

We recently upgraded our oldest son who is five to a booster seat in the car, and upgraded our youngest son who is nine months out of an infant seat, and into a rear facing convertible. I hate…hate, absolutely hate installing car seats. From the first time my brother in law showed me in an ’89 Escort up until last weeks hour long attempt at a self car wash. The best I could do was get it in and aligned, but nowhere near safe for driving.
We decided to check at our fire station to see if they did child safety seat inspections, which they didn’t but sent me to Fire District 1 to schedule one with them.

Here are two important things I wanted to share with you that we learned.

When securing the child seat it is sometimes necessary to boost or pad underneath it to get the proper fitting. This is what was more or less kicking my ass time after time I tried this. At the fire station they cut out a noodle, and placed it underneath. I suppose you could use a towel or something similar, but just that a fire department keeps noodles available for this impressed me.

Next, and though it is blatantly obvious, it never would have occurred to me. When no using the booster seat buckle it in. Not only will this be a fun activity for your child, encouraging proper usage, but more importantly it will keep it tethered to the seat in the event of an accident preventing a missile hazard crashing into your head.


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