One of the Few Setbacks of Paying Off Your Debt

It only took a few months from the time I completely got out of debt but for the first time ever I have become a victim of identity fraud. I was at work the other day when my wife called asking if I had bought $65 worth of flowers from FTD. The transaction had just appeared on our online statement, and had not cleared yet, though the money has been taken from our account. Since the money had not cleared yet our bank could not dispute the transaction yet. So calling FTD they were able to tell me that someone had ordered a Fruit Basket with my credit card online, to be sent to Nancy Lennon in West Virginia. They then transfered the claim to the fraud department, and my bank put a warm hold on my credit car; which means that all activity on my card will be halted until we can figure out exactly what happened. This allows me to reactivate the card if I feel comfortable without having to go through the time and hassle of canceling and getting a new card.

Why a fruit basket? I am reminded of what criminals used to do after stealing a credit card. They would make a small purchase, like a tank of gas to test the card. Twenty minutes latter you would be charged for a 52″ plasma screen tv. Perhaps they were only testing my card, hoping that by buying flowers on a joint account we would both assume the other couple had bought them and not mention it.


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