Gun Shots Interrupt Little League

On Monday there was a shooting at a park near here where my son plays soccer every Wednesday. I didn’t feel the need to jump to conclusions, pulling my son from soccer like any paranoid suburban parent typically would. That is until I began reading more of the story.

There are roughly 115,000 people in the City of Everett, home to a naval station berthing an air craft carrier and five other ships. Any city of this size can expect incidents like this to happen quite frequently. Usually these types of things are not random acts, but rather domestic in nature, or drug related. Had this been the case I would have felt comfortable keeping my son in soccer. Casino Road is a stretch of road, with a high density of low income, housing known for it’s high crime rate. In the parking lot next to a park a gun fight erupted. While no one was killed, two were hospitalized and the stray bullets sent a little league baseball team diving for the ground. The coach’s vehicle was hit by a round. In an earlier article a witness stated that such occurrences have been common in their seventeen year residence. Violent crime’s can happen anywhere, as we saw earlier that morning at Virginia Tech. But I would not feel comfortable letting my children play alone in an area more prone to these types of incidents, and there for I removed him.

As of yet the city parks and recreation is not offering discounts, reimbursements, or entertaining moving the activity to a different park. To any one from the area, this comes as no near Casino Rd. And as one of my coworkers pointed out, as the weather gets nicer, more illegal activity moves out doors and into our neighborhood parks.

So am I being an overprotective suburban parent. Or am I crazy for even having to debate this?


2 responses to “Gun Shots Interrupt Little League

  1. Totally not being overprotective. If I were a parent that sort of thing was happening, I’d pull my kid out in a second. Is there another league in a nicer part of town that you can sign him up for? Thats what I would look for. Of course there is another perspective: After all the things that happened this week at Virginia Tech, you have to wonder are you really safe from violence anyhere? There are crazy people with guns everywhere just waiting for their moment. So if its not drug violence, it could just be that ticking time-bomb in line beind you at CVS.

  2. I don’t think you’re being overprotective at all. There are plenty of other leagues, sports, activities for the kids to be involved with, it’s just a matter of finding different ones that you like in your area and for rates that are affordable. There’s no such thing as totally safe, but at least you’re trying to avoid the worst as much as possible.

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