Your Better Choice in White Wine.

Most of the white wines I have had always seemed dry and over the top with alcohol. This wine from the Columbia Valley is a must for any white wine drinker. I was able to get this at our QFC although I had to first ask for help. The wines are barely sorted by grape but beyond that I couldn’t figure out, not by name, region or vintage. The Columbia Winery is in Woodinville just a few cities over; I think I’m going to have to make it up there to get a hold of their ’04, and acclaimed ’03.
The wine reminded me of a cider drink when I first opened the cork. It is rich and amber in color and has an aroma that reminds me of ripen pears, though they proclaim its grapefruit. I have been searching for a wine to compliment good Thai food, and this one is it. Gewurztraminer will go great with spicy food and as they say any “Pacific fire rim” food.
You may not be able to get Columbia Winery where you live, but I implore you to try this variety of grape.


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