How Not to Fix Your Apple Mouse and Save $49

A few months ago the track ball on our mouse would no longer scroll down. I set out pointing my browser to google in hopes of a remedy. I found advice on holding the mouse upside down and vigorously rubbing the track ball on a hard surface. This immediately worked. For a while. During that first search I had also come across Operation Mouse.

I had gotten through the most delicate part of the operation only cutting my finger once, but fumbled with opening the mouse at the hinges. Forcing it with unintentional strength I ripped this paper thin, something. It had copper in it, four strands. “I think I might have broke this.” I said this twice hoping I was wrong before admitting, “I need to go to the Apple Store.” Which then lead to an immediate, miserable trip to the mall. I’m sure there’s many lessons to be learned here, and this wont be the last time I void the warranty on something by opening it up. Perhaps next time I’ll be a little more tactful.

Accident Prone

Operating Table

Where it went wrong


2 responses to “How Not to Fix Your Apple Mouse and Save $49

  1. Ouch. Ok this goes on my “not to do list”.

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