Coronary Heart Disease Linked to Personality Types.

We’ve all heard of Type A and Type B personalities based on their habits. While Type A personalities make up most of a group, there have been recent connections found between them and coronary heart disease. Studies have found that people between 30 and 60 were three times more likely to experience coronary heart disease. The majority of Type B personalities are seemingly immune, even when usual rules for diet were exceeded.

Not sure where you fit into all of this? Answer the following questions describing your habits, not being too precise or strict with your interpretation. If the description fits you in general, but not entirely, the answer will still be yes.

1. I generally move and walk rapidly.
2. I tend to accent key words when I am talking.
3. I eat quickly.
4. I rarely feel particularly impatient.
5. Sometimes people misunderstand what I say because I speed up my speech at the end of a sentence.
6. If a new gadget comes out or if a friend owns an interesting item, I usually want to buy it and own one also.
7. I prefer football to baseball because the game moves faster.
8. I schedule my life so that I am hardly ever rushed.
9. A slow driver ahead of me really irritates me.
10. I prefer reading the original book to reading a summary or a condensation.
11. I never waste time reading through all directions to a project, but figure out the steps as I go along.
12. Small talk bothers me; I like to tall about things that are important to me.
13. I have a cell phone and equipment in my car for dictating letters or ideas while I drive (or wish I did).
14. I have to read the paper or watch the news while eating a meal.
15. I smoke, chew, bite my nails, or have another nervous habit.
16. When I want to make a point, I usually raise my voice or interrupt.
17. It is hard for me to relax and do nothing. I usually feel guilty if I do not make use of my time.
18. The prospect of competition makes me raring to go in there and win.
19. I am rarely aware of feeling hostile or just plain angry with the world.
20. I work at a steady pace without making any fuss about it.
21. Some of the best solutions to problems at work come to me when I am doing something else such as playing golf or riding my bicycle.
22. People often point our things to me that I have not noticed such as a bird, a flower, or the sunset.
23. It does not bother me a bit when I lose in game, even if I am pretty good at it.
24. Things around me often break such as shoelaces, pencil points, and buttons off my clothing.
25. My work is always completed on time or even before it is due: I am efficient in this respect.
26. I love to take a vacation and just do nothing.
27. I enjoy being one up on others, especially the people who are trying hard to get ahead.
28. I prefer to talk about things other than the successes I have enjoyed.
29. I cannot say no, and my schedule is usually crowded.
30. I can never seem to arrive at events on time, and I often forget appointments and dates.
31. I am rarely late to a meeting, but when I am, it does not bother me.
32. My philosophy is “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
33. I straighten up the kitchen or load the dishwasher while talking on the phone. In fact, I have a cordless phone and a cell phone so that I can walk around and do other things while on the phone.
34. I get a lot of relaxation from sports.
35. My philosophy of life is “Do it better and quicker.”

If you had five or more of the following questions answered you are considered to be a Type B personality.
4, 8, 10, 19, 20, 23, 26, 28, 31, 32, 34.

No one is purely one type or the other, but we do lean more toward one side. It is not easy to change Type A behavior. These behavior types need to try to reduce their stress levels and change their behaviors to avoid possible coronary heart disease.


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