Making the Most of Old Dinosaur Bones.

I almost bought an old 1975 Mercedes 240D when I received my tax return. Its was $1500 OBO and I had discovered some cool vegetable oil secondary gas tank add on kits, although it was more likely that I would have just ran on biodiesel. I still fantasize about re building what I could in an engine that I know nothing about eager to learn along the way. I get giddy when thinking about the minute details of my fantasy commuter car.
We’ve been a one car family for four years now, and it’s finally getting to the point where it seems inevitable that we will need a second car. Between work, school, and the activities of two children I even consider buying a brand new car from time to time. We really want the new 07 Camry. We can’t afford the hybrid that we want, let alone a new car, but some parts of me try to convince myself that if I did buy a new car I could drive it for 15 years until it died. I can justify anything I want to myself, it’s my biggest strong/weak point.
While the debate will still rage on just above my subconscious this site has become a lot of fun. Not only is there practical advice for better fuel economy, but you can compare your car and other cars side by side.

Here are some of my standings.
Annual Fuel Consumption=13.7 barrels
Greenhouse Gas Emissions=7.2 tons a year (leaning into the greener side of the scale)
Air Pollution Score=6 out of 10

Now go check out your own car!


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