Denny’s is Only for at Night, Besides it Will Destroy Your Innards.

If you can’t seem to motivate yourself to eat breakfast every morning, try preparing the same thing for a week or so so you don’t have to think about it when you’re recovering from your screaming alarm. Lately I’ve been having a whey protein shake, with cinnamon toast, a banana, and a few cups of tea. The cinnamon is suppose to give your metabolism a sort of jump start encouraging you to eat less throughout the day. Another way to do this is with hot sauce, for a while I was preparing three eggs the night before then scrambling them in the morning and adding hot sauce. The usual coffee or tea, and fruit and toast would follow, although I would usually substitute making a breakfast burrito instead of toast. Add a little cilantro and cheese, maybe a little ham or turkey. You might just find yourself waking up early and even looking forward to those mornings just a little more. If you’re looking for some good breakfast ideas try these places…Food Network, Men’s Health, or Real Age.


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