Maze. You Call it Corn.

Microwaves tend to creep me out when I think about them too much. Our last apartment came with a microwave, so when they converted it into a condo and forced everyone out we were faced with purchasing a new one. We tried to live without one, because we don’t eat TV dinners and that any reheating can be done in the oven. I think this escapade lasted about three months until we gave in having to heat baby formula. Just now my wife said it was hard, but as I ask her about it again for a quote here she changes her tone ever so slightly. “Now that we have a baby you need one…I just heated up leftovers…but it’s nice to defrost things in there too.
When confined to a naval vessel in the Pacific Ocean it is not uncommon to smell the lingering odor of microwave popcorn. I prefer plain, no butter, no salt, but for six months I sanded my taste buds with the added chemicals. Not being a huge fan of these sort of experiences, and not yet wanting to by a vintage 70’s air popper that sort of looks like a hamster’s habit trail to me, we more or less stopped eating popcorn.
Until Alton Brown showed us the way using a metal mixing bowl coated with oil and covered with foil.
This however, burned our bowl; which although, doesn’t need replacing, looks a little white trash. Today my wife substituted our cast iron dutch oven, an item that no kitchen should be without. I must say, best popcorn ever.

Coat the bottom of the pot with 3T of vegetable oil.
Add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels (we used yellow popcorn)
Cover with aluminum foil, venting with cut slits. (use a knife)
Listen for the pops to start then slow down and remove.

For basic pop corn we used 1/2T of melted butter, and salted to taste.
But popcorn is so fun, try oregano, rosemary, red peppers, cumin, all sorts of things.

Not only will you save money and waste less paper, but you will enjoy popcorn like you haven’t enjoyed popcorn since a saturday matinee when you were nine.


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