Forgetting The Joneses.

I rant and rave against television, but I am not completely against it. Mark Shead said it best at Productivity 501,”If you had a friend who spent 20% to 30% of your time trying to sell you things you didn’t really need, would you put up with it?” I love TV as much as anyone else. I’m hooked on Lost, but now watch it online after they shifted the time. I feel the Simpson’s were great until three or four years ago. I still watch Dirty Jobs and reruns of Good Eats, but the reason I find it hard to invest more time into television is simply because I have gone so long without it. Several times throughout my time in the service I would go half a year without ever watching TV. And when I came home I found that I didn’t really miss it. Suddenly that familiar friend seemed to have gotten louder and more obnoxious. Somewhere in the last six years television has betrayed me, and I love it. So yesterday when my wife mentioned that she was considering dropping our cable and renewing our long expired membership to the Y instead, I was ecstatic. Our only concern is missing out on the things that you can’t get on regular TV, like the Food Network and Discovery Channel. But since these are the two main networks we watch it makes it easy to get these shows from the library, netflix, iTunes, Amazon, or even the ultra-mega-super-electronics-store just three or four strip malls away.


One response to “Forgetting The Joneses.

  1. I showed my wife your post and she pointed out that we have some friends who have gotten involved in network marketing and they now spend a good deal of time trying to sell us stuff. 🙂

    I have some friends who discovered that they can get almost everything they want to watch off broadcast television. With a Tivo they record it and they have more than enough to watch watch without paying for cable.

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