A Giant Leap forward, a Hundred Yards Too Late.

The Los Angeles Times reported today yesterday the Supreme Court ruled against the Bush administration’s policy on global warming. The 5-4 vote ruling that the emissions from cars, trucks, and power plants are covered under the 1970s Clean Air Act. While immediately I hear people complaining of the possible national standards of emission control on their vehicles and lives others were also saying it is a step in the wrong direction, referring to Europe’s higher octane fuels compared to our lower octane bio-fuels. Though the fear of the immediate impacts are the the most obvious to those affected the long term ecological and economical impacts are far from being understood. This new ruling is no great leap forward it is a slight shuffle forward to keep up with the countries that surpass us in alternative and cleaner fuel methods. If new emission controls do go into effect as soon as next year, it may keep the American auto industries head out of the water in a competitive world market, if even for one last dyeing gasp of air. And while a part of me is uncomfortable about more federal control in any area, I do like to see the system of checks and balances still working after congress gave away their power to the Executive Branch. This may be the helping hand that slows our descent into the world economy.


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