Paperback Writer.

I just recently signed up with the Paper Back Swap. While not as good as the library it is interesting and fun none the less. The concept behind PBS is to provide an alternative to tossing old unwanted books is to pass them on to other people who may want them in exchange for more books that you may want. It works like this. Upon signing up for the free service you would register six books for which you would get three credits. When people want a book that you have registered you will get an alert notifying you to ship it to them via medial mail at $1.95. Though you will pay their shipping, when they receive the book you will be awarded another credit. Credits are used to then get books from other people. My first day I registered nine books that I wanted to get rid of, received two requests and got two new used books. For now the selection is not spectacular, remember these are books that people do not want, but I have found good reference books, and books that I wanted to have but wouldn’t usually buy at the bookstore, or really remember to check out at the library. The service is not guaranteed to be free forever and this early on I’m not sure it would be a service worth paying for, but if you have unwanted books to get rid of this is a fun alternative.


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