There Are Still a Few Uses For the US Mail.

At the bread store today there was a guy behind us in line who was pointing out that my wife and I were wearing matching shoes, and he was commenting on the nice savings that senior citizens get. He was loud and outgoing, but not really intrusive. On the way to the car, my wife said that he reminded her of Brenda’s brother from Six Feet Under. As true as that was I couldn’t help but think that maybe we knew more TV personalities, than real people in this world. We had just watched the entire Six Feet Under series in Netflix a few months back. It was the last thing that we watched on Netflix.
There are a lot of people out there who will tell you about the cost advantage of choosing Netflix over premium cable. As true as the that is, Netflix has greatly declined since we first started using it three years ago. In the beginning we could time it where we were getting a movie a day, as we were mailing out a movie a day. The more people that signed on as it grew more popular, the longer our waits on movies got, and the increasing amount of unwatchable damaged discs increased. While still cost effective, the whole experience grew too frustrating. On average I had 50 movies in my queue, a feature that I greatly admire, but without proper maintenance I found myself getting movies that though I wanted to watch them a month earlier that I was no longer on that genre kick. Then I found the perfect alternative. One day I noticed that my library checked out DVD movies in addition to books and CDs. The wait time is generally longer but the cost cannot be beat. The library has let us watch entire series like Curb Your Enthusiasm, House, and Battle Star Galactica. I feel that the longer wait time actually works to my advantage. Before I found a pressure to watch whatever movies had come in the mail that day quickly to get the most of our money. I became burned out on watching whatever movies when ever I wanted. The same thing happened with Google and Wikipedia a while back, suddenly having the ability to do whatever I want became boring. Our library system has com a long way from the libraries I knew form suburban Detroit. Their entire catalog searchable from my house when ever I want via the internet, automatic hold placing on books from a network of county libraries, and email notification of when my books have arrived and will become over due. It allows me to quickly run in and out usually able to park in 3 minute parking. Surprisingly I still prefer to use the librarian to check out over the automatic checker. Perhaps it is the balance, in the entire automated process. Or maybe it’s my pretense wanting the librarian to admire the works I have chosen above all others to check out, fantasizing that they admire the choices I’ve made.


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