Spring is in the Air and After Having to Check the Batteries in my Smoke Detector Early it is Time to Check my Credit Report.

Today is April 1st, which is the day that I have planned to check my credit score. I had gathered all of my credit reports in December to see the last stretch of what needed to be paid off, and to see if there had been anything new on it. Which there was. I deposit of several hundred dollars that I had overlooked from three years ago on not returning a cable box from when we moved from California. Unfortunately I had to pay the bill, which was over a hundred dollars. But fortunately I did find it. You are allowed one free credit report a year from each of the three credit bureaus, so today I will have to pay an additional fee. But you can learn from my mistake. My mom who is an accountant pointed out something to me that should have been obvious. She told me that you really didn’t need all three reports at once, but it was important to check all three annually. The simple solution to this, is to check each bureau every four months. A little longer than quarterly, this will enable you to keep tabs on your credit report frequently enough, without obsessing about it, without ever having to pay additional fees. You will however have to pay a fee to get your credit score, which is what I am interested in today, and there are several options out there but I usually just go directly through Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.


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